Saturday, May 2, 2009

Videos I love

She rocked the house.

Christian Rich- "Famous Girl" from bbgun on Vimeo.

MAD original video .

Mad love for Tygaaa

Listen to these guys use their voices to create INCREDIBLE sounds :)

MMMM if you're cool, I'm cool.

Jesse Boykins III- SunStar(Official Video) from Jesse Boykins III on Vimeo.

Never heard of that guy ^^ but he's the TRUTH.

Will always have <3>

Soulja Boy needs to go back on his "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" type feel. Fo reals

Chick..where you at?

mm..if someone EVER sand to me the way Maxwell sings to me..I really don't know what I'd do..

how amazingly SEXYYY is Trey?!

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  1. thanks for following! means a lot to me =]]