Saturday, December 27, 2008

Current Finances && Swatch

Today. I went into the city with my brother for him to get his new phone : LG Viewty in White.

That is a really nice small compact 5 megapixel camera phone. The people who we bought it from were pretty sketchy.. From the very beginning, the first guy told us he would sell it to us foe $399.99. My brother & I had already been on their website where they advertised it for $299.99 (A HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER). Then the second guy came out & said he would give it to us for 363.99 because of the tax and the "sh
ipping && handling". THEN, the third guy, who I think was the manager came out & told us that he would give it to us for $325. At this point my brother & I were basically not convinced and were half way out the door. THEN, RIGHT when we were leaving he said..OK OK! $300! After all that unnecessary juggling..he gave it to us for $300. We already know that we are never going there again. Then, across the street, we went to the Swatch store. I was SO happy to finally find this store because the watch that I bought in the airplane was a Swatch watch, but was too big for my wrist so was constantly slipping all the way down to my midarm. They fixed it for me. THEN!'s the best part. I started asking questions about my old watch, still a swatch watch that I also bought in the airplane. Supposedly, you're supposed to have some sort of 'warrenty card' but since I bought it in the sky..the hostesses didn't stamp it. So the manager, in the kindness of her heart made a warrenty card for me so that the next time I go in, they can do an exchange for the exact watch for more questions asked. I was so extactic. I already told my brother that we're going back tomorrow LOL! Yeah. So on to my finances.

Money needed to get Sony Cybershot DSC-T700 : $342.95
Money that I currently have : $207.36
Money needed : $135.59

Oh. and I love <333

Have a wonderful day && catch up with me tomorrow !!
Glance to the stars.
The only,
Esmeraldaa xx

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