Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sidekick 3 && Blackberry

Good Morning Bloggsters && Merry Christmas!

LUCKiLY, for XMAS I got money (350$) && like I said in the previous post, I really want to get myself that Sony Cybershot DSC-T700. But with that said, there are some other items that have caught my eye here on the internet . <-- I think I'm addicted :P Randomly, yesterday I decided to call into T-mobile Customer Service because my Blackberry trackball and little ring thing have been falling off randomly every 5 seconds for the past week. Turns out it's broken and due to that T-Mobile won't fix it for free. I'll have to go through the insurance company and pay the deductible (usually roughly around $120). I decided to look around on eBay to see what I could find and ho and behold, the trackball && ring were available for $4.90 with FREE SHIPPING!

Then, I decided to try my luck with my Sidekick 3. I saw it laying on my desk for a while, lifeless so I decided to start using it again. I got out the charger and I shortly realized what my old problem was -- the charging port. I had called in before with the same problem and they said that they couldn't fix it without me paying the deductible of $110 because I was no longer under warranty. Luckily for me, the guy realized that because I had insurance on my telephone line, I would be able to fix it for free! After 4 calls and a long waiting time, I finally got them to set up the FREE exchange for me. I'm expecting my new and spanking fresh Sidekick 3 to arrive to me within the week or next. One thing that I wouldn't mind getting is a really nice case for my SK3. Paris looks beautiful in this picture but her phone looks a tab better :P It's pretty && pretty expensive as well :( I can dream...right?

I'm having lots of fun looking around the web and tips && tricks of the Sidekick 3 and have yet to find a FREE unlock code for this thing :(
Oh well, it's still fun. As for my blackberry curve, I'm going to let my brother use
it for the time being because his phone has been giving him some problems lately. He has that exact phone minus the helio part. I like it but I usually find myself calling people by accident due to the touch settings on the phone.

Have a wonderful day && catch up with me tomorrow !!
Glance to the stars.
The only,
Esmeraldaa xx

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