Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hair Regimen =]

I'm kind of a serial online shopper when it comes to hair and makeup so I have an excessive amount of hair products. It can get pretty ridiculous at times :) but I love them non the less.

There are in no particular order && keep in mind that I don't use them all.

-- Organics Hair Mayonnaise (1x week) --> haven't tried yet
-- ApHogee Shampoo for damaged hair (1x week)
-- ApHogee protein leave-in (1x week)
-- Optimum Care Stay Strong Shampoo (never really use)
-- ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo (every other 2 weeks to rotate with Shampoo for damaged hair)
-- African Royale Hot Six Oil --> arriving in mail soon!
-- ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer (whenever necessary/usually often since my hair gets dry)
-- ApHogee 2-min Keratin Reconstructor (1x week)
-- Chi Silk Infusion (MAGIC!) --> smells like Men's Cologne :P
-- Sedu Smoothing Boost/Heat Protection ---> not that great smelling
-- Optimum Care Leave-in --> don't really use
-- Motions Foam Wrap Lotion ---> not great smelling
-- ApHogee 2-step Protein Treatment --> 5 weeks till I try it!

Solia Flat Iron 1-1/4' --> I love it !
Revlon 1' Flat Iron --> Good as well
Revlon Curling Iron --> Good for weaves and such but too big a barrel for my hair :(
Some fancy big retractable blow drying station --> UBER cool :)
My sister's blow dryer --> Had it too long, time to upgrade it.

I usually just wash my hair on Friday nights after going out with friends and stuff :)
Since I play basketball && track, I often have to wash my hair a 2nd time, usually on Wednesdays just to get rid of the sweat and of the dirt buildup.
--> I may have to get a clarifying shampoo or start doing a co-wash to minimize my shampoo usage (which is bad?!)

- Prepoo with Egg, Hair Mayonnaise && Cholesterol mix (homemade of course!)
- Wash with Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair (2 washes)
- Condition with Aphogee 2-minute Keratin Reconstructor
- DC with homemade concoction of bananas, evoo && avocado (thanks Sunshyne!)
- Apply all my leave-ins
- Blowdry (trying to airdry!)
- Flat Iron
- Wrap with a silk wrap and voilĂ !

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