Thursday, December 25, 2008

I heart T-Mobile Customer Care

I legit called in about 5 times today && each time the customer care representative was professional and showed that they really cared about my problem. But the 2nd time I called in about my sidekick, the person was a bit TOO friendly. He started asking me about the weather (which was fine), about what I got for xmas (still ok..but kinda weird)..then he asked my ethnicity. HE ASKED MY ETHINICITY. That wasn't even the worst part. THEN he started talking about HIMSELF && how he's 18 years old blah blah just got a new apartment... I was listening like "is this guy for REAL?"

Besides that, T-Mobile was able to help me with my problems even though it took me 5 different representatives to do so. OH! And before I conclude..may I say that that voice operated system that T-Mobile has when you first call them is NOT cool. I hate it when they ask for your number, last four digits && when they finally connect you to the Customer Service Representative (if they connect you to the right person), the CSR ends up asking you for the same information that you already provided. T-Mobile LISTEN UP! That thing isn't working. Half the time I say "Sidekick" && they say "Change your service? Ok!" And I can't even change their mind. *sigh*

I'm just happy that my new sidekick is in the mail and will be in my hands pretty soon. I still have some saving up to do until I get my new camera but when my parents get back from Virginia on Monday, I will be sure to upload daily pictures of my outfit and other random stuff as well.

Random note : I feel as if I have more inspiration or more to write at 3 AM then I do at 3 PM. Am I the only one? Hm..

Anyways.. I hope you guys had a fantabulous Christmas (for those who celebrate) or just had a merry 25th of December.

As always,

Have a wonderful day && catch up with me tomorrow !!

Glance to the stars.
The only,
Esmeraldaa xx

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